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BuyVM is part of Frantech Solutions, a pioneer of the affordable virtual server market since 2010. We have grown BuyVM from a hopeful startup into a sustainable business that other companies try to imitate. We offer a limited number of products optimized to perform at peak and with total uptime always as the goal. Choose from our OpenVZ, KVM, KVM Storage, or Windows VPS products and enhance your hosting with features other companies do not offer like the Stallion Control Panel, DDoS Protection, and Anycast. At BuyVM we back our VPS products with the quality, and responsiveness customers expect. We offer real 24/7 customer support provided by real technologists. Rest easy knowing your VPS hosting is being provided by the experienced hosting professionals at BuyVM.
Since year 2010
Server types VPS
Payment methods Alipay , Wechat
Features DDOS Protected
Location Canada
Created at 2022-05-22 20:49:02
Updated at 2022-05-22 20:49:02


Provider: BuyVM

🇱🇺 Luxembourg

DDOS Protected

1x AMD Ryzen

1 Cores

Server type: VPS

Memory: 1 GB

SSD: 20 GB

Bandwidth: Unlimited on 1 Gbit Port

Stock: Out of Stock

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